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Business Units

In Almexa, specialized in aluminum rolling, we have three plants: Cuautitlan, Tulpetlac (State of Mexico) and, opening in the first half of 2022, a state-of-the-art plant in Veracruz (See).

In these plants, we manufacture flat-rolled aluminum for high impact industries such as automotive, construction, electrical, and household goods. We see great opportunities in continuing to expand the use of lightweight and infinitely recyclable aluminum to help our customers achieve their sustainability goals and provide consumers with the green products they enjoy.

Currently, ALMEXA offers two types of low carbon aluminum through our trademarks RECYCAL Recycled Aluminum and GREENALUM Low Carbon Aluminum.

RECYCAL: RECYCAL Aluminum is a range of products made with at least 75% recycled aluminum. By using recycled aluminum, we dramatically reduce energy use in the production phase while still offering high quality aluminum. GREENALUM ALMEXA low carbon aluminum. As an ALLOW Aluminum consumer, this lets us help deliver products with a lower CO2 footprint.

Our supplier, the world’s largest low carbon aluminum manufacturer, provides ALMEXA with the world’s greenest aluminum slabs, with the industry’s lowest carbon footprint, due to the benefits of its access to clean, renewable hydroelectric power and inert anode technology. A competitive differentiator and a key component of our sustainability strategy.

We keep our footprint light. Aluminum can be recycled infinitely without losing its properties. We embrace a circular economy and comply with today’s demanding performance standards while reducing energy use.

In the Vasconia Brands division, we have three manufacturing plants: Ecatepec and Cuautitlan (State of Mexico), and Queretaro (Queretaro).

Our four distribution channels are:

  • Modern 49%: supermarkets, price clubs, department stores, furniture stores
  • Traditional 35%: distributors, regional, wholesalers, institutional, own stores
  • E-commerce 4%: own online store, pure-play customers, marketplaces
  • Exports 12%: mainly, Central America and starting operations in the United States through EKCO Brands

Almexa is the main supplier of Vasconia Brands, which gives the Company many benefits, such as a solid circular economy business model.